Have You Seen Pepe?

Attleboro Animal Shelter volunteers are looking for a puppy that went missing on Dec. 7 on Woodward Avenue.

Volunteers at the Attleboro Animal Shelter are asking East Providence residents to keep an eye out for a small, furry K-9 named Pepe. 

According to staff members, the puppy went missing on Dec. 7 on Woodward Avenue after an elderly owner let the dog out into the yard during a storm. The most recent sightings were near Vincent Ave in East Providence and the East Bay Bike Path in Riverside on Bullocks Point Avenue. But no one has been able to track down the pup.

Volunteers are eager to find Pepe; he and his siblings were nursed to health after brought to the shelter in July and the weather is considered too cold for a dog of his age. Over 1,000 fliers have been posted throughout the city. Volunteers are banding together Monday night to search again for the pup. A small reward will be given to someone who finds the wayward animal.

"Volunteers have put in over 40 man hours searching for him, but still not a peep," wrote Brianna Mooradian in an e-mail. "I'm starting to believe that since Pepe is a small breed puppy, and there have been no reports of carcasses or roadkill, someone picked the pup up and took him in."

If you have information about Pepe, call the Attleboro Shelter at 508-944-3316. 


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