East Providence Art Students Dazzle at End-of-Year Show

Students bring their hard work to a final showing, for this year, anyway.

Self-portraits, pottery, masks: The pieces of original art showcased at  recently were as diverse as the students who made them. In what was considered high school's end-of-year show, art students from across the school presented a range of unique work to showcase their talents.

While family members ambled into the auditorium for a choral concert in the adjoining lobby, every possible surface in the nearby studio space was utilized to showcase student artwork.

Bridgette Winslet, a ninth grader in Jade Sisti's Art I class, demonstrated a calm, yet assertive confidence as she showed onlookers her work. Winslet, who hopes to eventually make her way into cartooning and photography, showed one self-portrait, along with another piece.

Hanging by a window, Winslet's piece provided viewers with a creative take on her assignment to making an album cover for her favorite song, Runs in the Family, by Amanda Palmer. 

What at first glance is simply a closeup of the eye of a human face, soon gives way to a deeper meaning. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the eyelashes are comprised of the songs lyrics, while the eyebrow holds the song title.

Creativity of such magnitude could be seen all around the showing. Felvina Piedade, a ninth grader in the same Art I class as Winslet, proudly pointed out a colorful mask with she made.

"I hand-made every flame and painted every one," she said.

Piedade had meticulously applied dozens of flame-shaped cutouts to the face, and given the rest a vibrant color of blue.

She plans on studying to become a nurse in college while keeping her hand in fashion, she said.

"I want to study fashion on the side," she said.

When asked what type of fashion style inspires her, she answered: "I like the Boho look."

Jennifer Cahoon of the Visual Art Department also had a strong student showing. Among them was Mathew Ricci, another ninth grade Art I student.

Ricci also created a mask but with a very different take.

"We had to find a mask to influence the one we had to make," Ricci said. "So I looked online and found a bird mask. I really liked it, so I made my own."

Ricci's mask hung on a roll-away board directly in front of the studio entrance, accompanied by equally creative masks.

Students who proudly showed off their individual semester's work all had one thing in common: they all were excited to take more art classes, both at East Providence High School and beyond, at the college level.

This is not a surprise to Cahoon.

"These kids put so much into this, we'd need another exhibit just to show everything they've done this year!"


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