413-Foot Wind Turbine to Be Completed Next Week

A controversial, 413-foot wind turbine is near completion.

The newest addition to the North Kingstown skyline will be completed by the middle of next week. According to Mark DePasquale of Wind Energy Development LLC, construction will finish on a 413-foot wind turbine in his backyard in North Kingstown Green off Ten Rod Road by Wednesday. The tower and nacelle (with a height of about 262 feet) of the wind turbine are already erected, but the turbine’s 134-foot-long blades will be added to the structure in the coming days.

The 413-foot, 1.5 megawatt Goldwind turbine will be the first turbine lined up for installation by developer Wind Energy Development LLC, based in North Kingstown.  

According to DePasquale, upwards of 134 workers have helped with the construction of the wind turbine. The workers (all certified union members) have been trained in wind turbine installation, said DePasquale.

The turbine – which was originally slated to be 427 feet tall – is identical to the trio of 365-feet tall turbines in Providence – operated by the Narragansett Bay Commission – said DePasquale. (The Providence turbines were modified to be shorter in order to align with FAA regulations, said DePasquale. All four turbines are all manufactured by Goldwind.)

Though the turbine will be completed next week, DePasquale says the turbine won’t be commissioned until early December when it will become fully operational.

The wind turbine will be located in North Kingstown Green, a subdivision owned by DePasquale, right in DePasquale’s backyard. Residents of the subdivision will receive monthly payments of $150 to go toward electricity bills because of the turbine.

“We normally lease the land where these turbines are located,” said DePasquale. “With North Kingstown Green, we’re splitting that would-be lease payment with the homeowners in the neighborhood.”

The turbine, which will be one of the tallest structures in the state in about a week, has attracted a lot of attention and curiosity from those in the area. DePasquale welcomes the attention, but urges onlookers to be mindful of residents in the neighborhood – especially children in the area.

“I support people who want to drive through and take a look,” said DePasquale. “I just want them to be careful and drive slow because we have children in the neighborhood.”

DePasquale is asking motorists to drive slowly and to follow Rodman Lane to view the turbine from the cul de sac at the end of the subdivision rather than driving through Thornton Way.

KSeaSea October 22, 2012 at 04:48 AM
Just remember who is responsible on Nov 6th!!
Ralph Crockford October 23, 2012 at 11:59 AM
I was out of town during the erection of this 413' fiasco! It was great to come home to an eyesore in the beautiful town of NK. I hope the councilmembers are pleased with this dumb decision they will have to look at on a daily basis. One of the primary reasons for allowing this to happen was the threat of lawsuits against the town. Well when this fiasc starts to create problems for the residents you'll see a lot more lawsuits and more then likely for more dollars then the builder was suing for! Good work councilmambers, I hope you enjoyed your terms in office since you'll be gone come November!
Straight Talker October 23, 2012 at 12:32 PM
I would also like to hear an explanation from the town. At all the meetings regarding this turbine we were assured that the building permit was only for the foundation. The value on the building permit was only $1 million. That is not enough for a full turbine. As the developer pays a percentage of the value to get his permit, was he in fact cheating the residents of this town by undervalueing the project???????
Midlife Momma October 23, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Exactly, Scott! Most people would agree that wind energy is a good thing. NOT in a residential neighborhood!! Posters on this string who think this gigantic eye-sore is a good thing: Do you live in that neighborhood??!! Dolan, Hueston and Bestwick sure dont......
Scott Madison October 23, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Hi Midlife, No I do not live in that neighborhood, but your right Dolan, Hueston and Bestwick sure don't. I hope the NK residents that see this monstrosity understand this is what happens when politicians are in the pockets of developers. Dolan, Hueston and Bestwick should be voted out and Independents without any developer ties (like Hawkins) should be voted in.


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