Bites Nearby: Davenport's Helps Make it Special

Every hometown spot has a few tricks up their sleeve.

Every town's got that one place. You drive by all the time. Heck, you might even eat there every Friday. But any hometown staple has a few tricks up its sleeve and uncovering them may just make you even more committed to eating there.

is no exception. For a place that runs rivals the appearance and operational output of any major chain restaurant, we were happy to learn that Davenport's makes its food on-site — a lot of it from scratch! The restaurant has a circulation of homemade soups that are made fresh every morning. From time to time, new ones make cameos depending on weather, season, or just the mood of the day. The same is true for dinner specials, which have some of the most competitive prices around.

What makes Davenport's even better is the willingness of the staff to work with you to help make your dining experience one that is devoid of settling and food allergy. No request to amend the menu is too small. (I've always been grateful when the server made multiple trips to the kitchen to ensure that my entree did not contain traces of menacing eggs.)

While the cloth napkin laid tables in the restaurant's adjoining banquet room give the appearance of a place where you should be sitting up straight and making your grandmother proud, Davenport's is actually a place where you can stretch your legs. The food comes out in almost perfect unison with your conversation. You never feel rushed or famished. A tough balance to achieve, but one that Davenport's stand in a league of its own.


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