Bites Nearby: Farnsworth Café

The Riverside restaurant boasts "the best veal in town."

Food and family go hand-in-hand, and this week's selection proves that sentiment true. Farnsworth Café in Riverside is owned by a warm gentleman named Lester and his two sons. Upon walking in, it's not uncommon to feel uplifted by the familial vibe radiating from the staff. This alone would be reason enough for an enthusiastic recommendation, but there's more to Farnsworth than just great people.

If you want to know where the ace up Farnsworth's sleeve is, just ask Lester. Without hesitating, he'll tell you it's the veal. He proudly asserts that his restaurant has "the best veal in town." It's certainly among the most available. Many eateries offer veal on certain nights of the week, say on a Friday. Farnsworth is so passionate about the quality of their cuts, you can treat yourself to their Veal with Brown Gravy or the Veal Marcela any day of the week. The restaurant also offers free delivery, so you can eat Farnsworth's pride and joy right in your own home.

Farnsworth features ever-changing specials, including homemade soups. The menu is so extensive that you may not even need to wander up to the marker board positioned by the front door. Specialty homemade pizzas, shepherd's pie, a range of sandwiches and seafood, you name it, Farnsworth has it.

The prices are slightly less than what you'd expect from a place that serves lobster scampi and fresh ravioli. Many entrées hover between $12 and $15; but do not fear, the restaurant has a hearty sandwich board that will leave you stuffed for under 10 bucks.

There's plenty of bar seating, which overlooks a bustling kitchen. Add to that, it has free Wi-Fi, and it's easy to eat up a lunch break or early evening among a staff ready to treat you like family.


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