Bites Nearby: Lucky's is a Go-To Spot for All Occasions

Lucky's offers a vibrant nightlife, a favorite watering hole and a tasty, upscale spin on your favorite foods.

It's always great to find a place that has as many facets as you have taste buds. The one-trick pony is sadly a dime a dozen these days, but we've found a place that caters to all walks and all appetites: Lucky's Bar & Grille.

On the outside, the bright green sign and hanging Irish flag provide those who saunter through the doors with an oversimplified view of what they are about to experience. Upon walking in, don't be surprised when you are taken aback by the classic woodwork, granite bar and other high-class finishes. There's ample seating and a genuinely friendly atmosphere that exists between hometown casualness and the slightly refined.

Lucky's is legendarily known as a favorite place to watch any big game. The famous hangout for sports enthusiasts has everything a group of friends needs to turn game night into a memorable night out with friends. With large television screens that seem to be around every corner, there's really no such thing as a bad seat in the house. If you can't find a seat at the spacious bar, there's an attentive and energetic staff circulating around frequently. And if you become a regular, they'll pretty much anticipate your next need.

Don't worry, Lucky's is not an exclusively sport-oriented place – the food is phenomenal. Many have taken pause when a perfectly styled dish of steak laid delicately against a bed of lettuce and crumbled cheese is placed before them, wondering if they haven't mistakenly stepped foot into a restaurant designated for marriage proposals. Garnish is not the enemy here.

Even the hamburgers come with an air of accessible sophistication, slain with a toothpick and contrasted against a crisp white plate. But even with high-end approach to their tasty selection, there's no need to feel on your A game here. You can wash down a great cut of meat with a draft beer, all while shooting the breeze with a table of your closest friends.

When a place like Lucky's gets it right, they get it right. From the guys night out to the girls night out, from the big game to the birthday party over mixed drinks, there's no shortage of reasons to claim Lucky's as your go-to spot for all occasions.


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