Bites Nearby: M&M Gets It Right at a Low Price

M&M's great food will satisfy every taste bud and budget.

Every town has those pillars of culinary ecstasy: the greasy spoon, the late-night standby, even the posh retreat with white-cloth table tops. East Providence is no different. For all of its diverse dining options, few earn the title of must-do like on Waterman Avenue.

The historic weiner joint's main weapon in the fight against a growling stomach comes in the form of – what else – great food. For this reason, M&M has become a magnet for the tie-clad businessman, the hard-hat-wearing construction worker on his break and the family looking for a good meal with a few memories. To be sure, it takes one heck of a hot dog to bring all walks of life under the same roof, but M&M has managed to do it in the home of Townie Pride for decades.

Whether you belly up to the low-serving counter framed by bar stools or sit in one of the old wooden booths, there's lots to choose from when dining at M&M. There are rotating lunch specials Monday to Friday that range from homemade soups to cheeseburgers, tuna melts to Portuguese favorites.

What's best is you, your family and your friends can scarf these items down for cheap. Most specials don't exceed 8 bucks, and even burgers, fries and hot dogs can fill your stomach while keeping your budget in the single digits. What's not to love?


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