Bites Nearby: More to Clockwork Deli Than Meets the Eye

The North Broadway deli is more than just a great sandwich shop.

One of my first writing gigs for Patch was a daily column called What's for Lunch?, where I posted lunch specials from around the city. I had to have all the tasty items in by 11 a.m. each morning, so by the time I hit "Submit," my stomach was already doing cartwheels.

One place that brought on the hunger more than any other was Clockwork Deli. Owned by a super nice dude named Wayne, Clockwork Deli encompasses two things any food-lover would want in there local eatery: originality and selection.

Let's start off with originality. The motto of the business is "somewhere in the world it's time." The folks at Clockwork Deli really want you to take as much time enjoying their food as they did making it. From the outdoor patio to the knickknacks strewn about the inside dining room and counter, Clockwork has a special feeling all its own.

Of course, ambiance can't pull all the weight. We are here to eat, after all. The selection at Clockwork Deli is truly something to behold. Their standard menu is extensive in itself, featuring a pizza, lunch, grill and sandwich menu, all of which have fun names to help you zero in on your favorite. But it's the lunch specials that really showcase the deli's range. Each day's lunch specials are meant to fit the day and season in which they are being sold. Expect thick and hearty soups on cold winter days, and fresh sandwiches with crisp lettuce and wild berries when signs of spring roll pop up.  Clockwork anticipates what you're in the mood for before you even have to ask. It's all about the selection with these folks.


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