Bites Nearby: Red Bridge Tavern Offers Tons of Variety

A favorite of Townies, the Red Bridge Tavern has something for everyone.

When you belly up to the bar at the , it's easy to feel as though you've landed in a northern European pub, steps off of a cobblestone street. The Tudor-style exterior and swinging wooden sign add to the uniqueness of this hometown favorite. But it's the friendly faces waiting for you inside that remind you that the Red Bridge Tavern is pure East Providence.

Nestled at the foot of Waterman Avenue, Red Bridge has a full bar, friendly staff and tons of options to make yours a memorable night out. Pool tables and other games and plenty of seating provide options for those who choose conversation over sports-centric land of big screen televisions known as the bar area.

And when it comes to food, it's hard to imagine that anyone would be disappointed. Red Bridge has a huge, freshly-made portion of food for every palate. And with most entrees hovering around $13 or so, you can eat anything from swordfish to baby back ribs without breaking the bank.

Seafood lovers can rejoice over the many options that are available to satisfy their hunger. Crab cakes, baked sea scallops, calamari, spicy garlic shrimp and a "Stuffle" with crab meat, shrimp and chopped clams are all available for the snacking.

For those wishing to pursue a greener path, Red Bridge has options for salads that are big enough to make you roll out as happy as the day you were born. Try the large house salad or the Black & Bleu salad with steak tips, a guest favorite. The staff at the Red Bridge doesn't mind changing some things around and bending each plate slightly in your direction to keep you and your stomach happy.


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