Bites Nearby: Seafood in the Summertime

The local favorite is a great place to get your summertime fix of classic seafood.

There's something about dining in the season when the things you crave are meant to be picked or, in this case, caught. Thankfully for all of you saltwater junkies, there's Horton's Seafood

Horton's has combination plates, fried options, dinner options and lunch options. If you're looking to mix it up a bit without spending too much, the restaurant has rotating specials. On Wednesday, you can get 12 clam cakes for the price for six. Just buy half a dozen and enjoy the other six.

On Thursdays you can enjoy the restaurant's Baked Stuffed Sole Dinner for a modest $9.99. Fridays offer baked swordfish and baked salmon for $10.99, and on Saturdays you can live the high life while eating a baked stuffed shrimp dinner for $10.99.

If you're a seafood enthusiast but are also looking for a way to mix up some of your favorites, Horton's has you covered. The eatery has shrimp, clam, and lobster salad sandwiches, to name a few — French fries included, of course.

For those "Land Lovers" out there, there's a baked stuffed chicken or chicken cordon bleu for $7.49. Horton's has options for kids, too, especially those who may not be partial to seafood. For under 4 bucks, kids can eat a chicken finger or chicken nugget dinner.  


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