Bites Nearby: Waterman Avenue Deli is the Perfect Lunchtime Spot

Just seconds from the Henderson bridge, tucked at the foot of Waterman Avenue, Waterman Deli is ready to serve up homemade favorites at great prices.

We all have those mornings when it seems like we've experienced a week's worth of stress before the clock has even struck noon. The minutes tick by on the clock until we're finally able to take a break and lose ourselves in some serious comfort food. If this sort of thing sounds familiar, may we suggest .

Waterman Avenue Deli is the perfect spot to grab a hearty dose of homemade food, regardless of what your day's been like. Grinders to sandwiches, soups to salads, there are few things this locally-owned deli can't throw your way or customize to your liking. Waterman Avenue Deli accepts call-in orders, along with most major credit cards, too, so you'll have your healthy Greek salad or steaming hot sub all ready to scarf down the second you pull up. Grab a seat in the adjoined dining room and enjoy your lunch in peace or catch up with some friends.

For those looking for a quick something on the go, Waterman Deli also doubles as a convenient store of sorts. There's wall coolers filled with bottles and cans of sodas and juices and shelves with chips and candy. Whatever you're in the mood for, whether it's a hot homemade break from your day or a quick bite on the go to your next workday destination, Waterman Avenue Deli's got you covered with enough variety for the perfect lunch.


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