Do You Want Julie Tremmel Back at WJAR-TV?

Tremmel was fired last month after she did a handstand on live television.

Julie Tremmel. Credit: Twitter via Julie Tremmel
Julie Tremmel. Credit: Twitter via Julie Tremmel
Julie Tremmel, the WJAR-TV reporter whose unusual report on bear attacks went viral last year, is drawing support after she was fired last month.

Tremmel was let go from the NBC affiliate after she performed a handstand while doing a live report about "America's Got Talent" auditions in Providence. You can watch the report in the YouTube video above.

Tremmel then filed a grievance against the news station, according to Mediabistro.com.

Meanwhile, supporters have set up a Facebook page and an online petition demanding WJAR take her back.

"(I) saw the video, she did nothing wrong," Eddie Brinkley wrote on Facebook. "Bring her back!"

"With so much depressing news on TV it is a refreshing change to see Julie's stories," said Johnna Mendoza on Facebook. "What's wrong with trying to get a giggle out of people?"
kelly March 06, 2014 at 07:32 AM
Since I didn't see the actual story, I really can't comment. Some people are saying this isn't the first incident. Truthfully, when she was on I never saw her do anything wrong. If anybody should be demoted, it should be the mushmouth that co-anchors with Frank in the mornings. Practically every morning, at least a few times during the broadcast she'll either stumble over her words, mispronounce something, or talk when it's supposed to be Frank's turn. Time to go, Barbara!
Mew March 06, 2014 at 04:24 PM
Oh Kelly, I so agree with you, Barbara thinks she is so important, also think she is very funny, NOT!! I hated it when she did Saturday evening news, TOTAL BORE!! OR IS IT BOAR!!!
annonymous March 06, 2014 at 05:25 PM
Oh leave these people alone.What crotch was shown by the way?Tells me where your eyes were glued lol.And as far as Dan leave him alone people i think he's funny.You people are a bunch of prudes honestly.
Scott Furtado March 24, 2014 at 11:13 AM
If Tremmel's handstand was not appropriate in the eyes of management, that's fine. Management has every right to set the standards for the station and it's employees. Whether or not she did "something wrong" is a matter of opinion, and an argument can be made that what she did was unprofessional. Termination, without warning, was a gross overreaction in my opinion. Dan Jaehnig's reaction to Tremmel's handstand was at least just as unprofessional, but he wasn't terminated.


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