The Mews Tavern

Offering patrons a variety of atmospheres in which to sit, drink and be merry, The Mews also has deals and discounts for every day of the week.

The Mews Tavern on Main Street in Wakefield is the locals' favorite bar and eatery for a reason. With 69 brews on tap, a full bar and an eight-page menu, you are sure to leave satisfied. Whether you're out for a family dinner or a couple burgers and beers with friends, between the Mews' four dining areas, you'll find the environment that suits you.

Next time you're in, ask about the Mews VIP cards because they're free. With the card, customers enjoy rewards like 5 percent cash back on all purchases and you can cash in on all the weeknight dinner deals. Monday's card holders can buy half-priced Mexican entrees, Thursday night is two-for-one burger night and on Friday's VIP customers receive 15 percent cash back on their cards on all purchases.

On Thursday night Patch checked out the 16 plus burgers on the menu and tried out a few. Our Patch Picks for the restaurant:

  • The Goober Burger: $11.99. This burger combines fried egg with peanut butter and beef.
  • The Garden Burger: $9.99. For the non-carnivores, this garden-fresh vegetable patty will fill you up. Add jalapenos for $.50.
  • The Ranch Infused Burger: $11.99. This half-pound beef patty is infused with ranch spices and topped with cheese, bacon and jalapenos.
  • The Homie Burger. $9.99. This is beef patty is piled up with mushrooms, bacon and cheese.

The Mews has many other options to choose from also - anything from pizza to nachos.

Kathy DiPina February 24, 2011 at 04:32 AM
I had it once when I was living in Haiti in the 80's. It happened soon after I ate a tuna sandwich that I'd made from a can. Fever, nausea..you know the rest. I won't post the symptoms here b/c it's gross and stupid me didn't go to a dr for like 8 days. Then he got mad at me for not coming sooner and gave me Bactrim. I felt better the next day. It had to be the tuna b/c it happened within 30 minutes of eating it. This was when Haiti was still a tourist attraction..Club Med, great restaurants, etc. It makes me sad to think of that country now and I hope that they get back on track b/c boy did they have some beautiful restaurants and beaches. Ok, I got off track. Did you like the Mews when they had the Martini Bar? IMO, it was a bad move getting rid of that. Now the upstairs is just like the downstairs. At least that had sofas and ambiance. I'd also like to try that hookah lounge at URI with the different tobaccos and middle eastern food. I'll have to see the reviews on that site. It sounds like an age old tradition that would be fun to experience. I'm Greek so I'm into the middle eastern aspect is attractive to me.
Tom April 20, 2011 at 07:31 PM
I could completely forget or care that Mew's exists, if there was a decent beer bar in town. I find Fat Belly's almost as dreadful as Mew's, so that didn't help the scene. This town needs a good beer bar, with good food, and a non-obnoxious atmosphere.
Kathy DiPina April 27, 2011 at 03:44 PM
Yeah, since I wrote that I've been to Fat Belly's 4 times and the food is ok. Burgers are much better than Mews. However, when I asked them why they only have Italian food in an Irish Pub they didn't have an answer. Also, my friend went there and asked for an Imperial Pint and they didn't know what it was. Some Irish Pub!
scott d. awg September 06, 2012 at 10:44 AM
"The maze" is a accident waiting to happen,these guys do what they want and the town lets them get away with it.I pray there is never a fire in that place,and I dont hear of many locals hanging there,way overpriced with a roomful of drunk college kids.
Richard September 06, 2012 at 11:51 AM
Sadly because the town has let the mews build so close to main street it will be one of the many trucks that speed down the hill on main street that will blow through the front of that building that really hurts some one!


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