Up To You: Boston Super Buffet

If it were up to you, what would you like to see happen to the property that was once home to Boston Super Buffet?


It was once home to a Chinese buffet-style restaurant. Now its doors are locked and its windows are dark, obscured by overgrown plants. 

Woonsocket has more than its fair share of vacant buildings and empty properties. Some have been empty for years while others see a rotating crop of businesses.

But, if it were up to you, what would you like to see happen to these spaces? With Up to You, we'll feature one empty building, lot or area in Woonsocket and ask our readers what they'd like to see there.

A specialty shop? A gym? A Thai restaurant? What do you want?

This week: The Boston Super Buffet building at 395 Clinton St. If it were up to you, what should happen to this property?

Russell Archambault June 25, 2012 at 03:15 PM
a new free strip club for the poor, they have nothing to do, also consolidate all the agencies in the building just like private rooms. they could have free lunch, free entertainment, free medical, free bus rides to and from, free phones, free clothing, free mental health care, free babysitting, free tents free sleeping bags, free boose, and the gold club room could provide free, free stuff, and more free stuff, why not its free. here you go its free. i want more free, im not getting enough free stuff, hey guys go to the gold room their giving away free stuff, its all free, i dont know who cares its free,get some who cares throw it away, its free, im going back with a hat on, they wont recognize me, im getting more,man this is work, i dont even need this crap,i cant help myself i gotta get it anyway, its free free free. hey i got this free stuff. how about a buck for it, got a cigarette, got a quarter. hey common man i need to get some food. god bless you !!!!...........(sucker).......... hey can you spare a dollar...... hey do you have an extra 25 cents. no no, no pennies to heavy, just a quarter, ill take that dime in your hand also. god bless you. " man what im i going to do with all this money, everything is free" wow im i stupid i just worked for nothing. maybe ill post something on patch, the computers at the library are free.ill just wait for the bus, im not walking up the street. hey buddy can you spare some change." NO" what you mean? you work dont you.
theresa Bergeron June 26, 2012 at 06:01 AM
We need a supper market that the prices are not high. Or a clothing store. No strip joints. A casino in the city would be nice . It bring money to the state.
Got CHA___K. Wirrell July 10, 2012 at 05:00 PM
lol @ anastasia levesque
Russell Archambault July 10, 2012 at 06:50 PM
great idea on a city casino ! how about a free city casino, hours of free fun for all. if you win, you get a free food package, after winning multiple food packages, you in turn could exchange, for a bigger prize, like getting a free job. if that idea seems not so good, i have a better idea! we could have slots that accepts E T B cards just like the big casinos, accepting credit cards. this idea makes alot more sense than having a strip club which the girls who are on welfare and work at strip clubs pay no taxes. how about both !! we could call it woonsocket's finest entertainment center. plenty of free parking for all. we should also change woonsocket's moto, that the former brilliant suzie mayor came up with." woonsocket on the move". to "come to the free anything in woonsocket, dont forget the kids"
Ogden Wernstrom May 26, 2013 at 08:39 PM
I think it should be turned into a Chinese all-you-can-eat Buffet!


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