Lend a Helping Hand for Quigleys

Make or supply a meal for Nicole and Charlotte Quigley, who spend all their time caring for Devon Quigley, seriously injured in a Florida car crash.

Can you make or supply a meal for Nicole and Charlotte Quigley?

They are the mother and sister of Devon Quigley of Rumford, who has returned home after a car accident in Florida last December that “has left him in a wheelchair and with a serious traumatic brain injury," said Sarah Bates, a family friend.

Devon's father is Dana Quigley, formerly of Barrington and a PGA Champions Tour legend, for whom Devon caddied and played golf with daily while living in Florida.

“He is dependent on Charlotte and Nicole to be by his side 24 hours a day,” said Bates. “But that makes it very difficult for them to even make a meal for themselves.”

“Devon is getting stronger every day,” said Bates. “I wanted there to be a way to help Nicole and Charlotte. So this is what I have come up with.”

Click on this link at Lotsa Helping Hands and and pick a day or more if you like, Bates said.

“The gesture is simple, but when life flips upside down the most simple things seem impossible,” she said. “You can either make a meal for two and deliver it yourself – the address is also on the link – or you can purchase a meal for two from The Pantry, located up the street from there home here in Rumford.”

The information is also on the main page. The Pantry is aware of their likes and dislikes, she said. All you have to do is say: I am placing an order for the Quigleys.

“Not only will they prepare the meal,” said Bates,  “but they will also deliver the meal at no extra cost.”

"Nick and Tracey, the owners, have graciously informed all of the employees about the Quigleys,” she said.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to check in with me, said Bates. Make sure you click on the day and sign up. 

"I am trying to alleviate numerous meals on one day," said Bates.

Most of the meals are set up through March, she said. But that leaves many days and weeks down the road. 

"Thank you," said Bates.

Here is the link again at Lotsa Helping Hands.


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