Letter from Hail Family: 'Help is Contagious'

This letter was submitted by Andy and Cindy Hail, parents of Alec Hail, a freshman who needed a wheelchair conversation van.

To the editor,

Andy, Alec, Alaina and myself thank [the community] from the bottom of our hearts for being so supportive of us and Alec’s need for transportation.

We also cannot possibly thank enough my dear sister/friend, Julie Friend, who is the founder, chairperson and adviser for Al’s Wheels. Also our many thanks to Mike Silva, Daniel LaBrie and all of the Townie Volunteer Corps for taking on our cause. They did it with such eagerness and were so generous with their time in making this fundraiser such a success. They have been faithfully working on Al’s Wheels for the past six weeks. This fundraiser tonight would not have happened without all of their help.

We also want to thank Cathy Conley for her much appreciated advice in setting up Al’s Wheels. One day, Julie, Cathy and I went out for breakfast at Farnsworth’s, and they told me what they wanted to do for Al. Needless to say, I was floored.

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to Mykl, Nick and Zack Friend for letting us steal Julie during this time. You have been so patient with all of the time she has dedicated to Al’s Wheels. People far and wide, people we do know and people that we don’t know, have been so generous to us. 

Thank you Ms. Sheehan for letting us use the cafeteria and for all of your efforts in making the evening a huge success. Chartwells for cooking up the delicious meal, the Fire Department, the police detail and the janitorial staff--giving your day off to help us. We so appreciate all of you who volunteered and those who contributed to the raffles and the vendors.

Thank you to Izzy Newton for writing her article; Bob Rodericks and Mike Rego for theirs. Ms. Sheehan for all of the Connect Ed advertisements. You all really got the word out. Places of business and churches for hanging up posters.  Makayla Rogers for her photography.

Daniel LaBrie, thank you for founding the Townie Volunteer Corps. I know Alec wants to be a future member. He told me that he wants to help out another family like you have helped ours. Helping is contagious. I’m sure after you graduate, Daniel, your vision will continue by people who want to follow in your footsteps.

Thank you to the Chorus for such beautiful singing. You have been heard around the country on Facebook (thank you, Cindy Elder - Al’s Aunt). Near and far, people are so impressed by your performance and talent.

It makes me, my family and all of us so proud to see such a fine group of young people supporting our school, our community and one of their own in a time of need. You truly represent what every parent would want their teenagers to be like - achievers, leaders, team members, caring of others and givers. All of you represent what Townie Pride truly is all about.

Please accept our sincerest thank you to each and every one of you for supporting our son and our family. Without you, Alec would not have the hope of freedom he has today. May God bless you as he has blessed us by you.

Andy and Cindy Hail
Parents of Alec 


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