Barrington Bank Robbery Suspects Chased Down in E.P.

Two men in their early 30s are alleged to have robbed the Bank of America branch in Barrington shortly after 5 pm.

The car that crashed into an East Providence police cruiser after a chase of alleged bank robbers. WPRI.com
The car that crashed into an East Providence police cruiser after a chase of alleged bank robbers. WPRI.com

Two suspects in a bank robbery in Barrington were captured early Friday evening, July 12, in East Providence after they crashed their car into a police cruiser on Mason Street off South Broadway.

The two suspects, both in their early 30s, were not formally identified.

“We think we know who they area, but we have to confirm it,” said East Providence Police Lt. Michael David.

The two men were captured after a short chase on foot with injuries that landed them at Rhode Island Hospital, according to East Providence Police Lt. Michael David. 

The robbery occurred at Bank of America on County Road shortly after 5 pm. A handgun was believed to have been used in the robbery, Lt. David said, citing Barrington police sources.

A Barrington patrol officer saw the suspects leaving the bank and began pursing their Hyundai subcompact north on County Road, said Lt. David. The chase continued at a high rate of speed onto Wampanoag Trail to the East Shore Expressway to Route 195 west. 

The vehicle then exited Route 195 at the Broadway exit and headed south before leaving South Broadway into the neighborhood just south of Warren Avenue. The police car struck by the suspects was one of several cruising the area looking for their car.

Both vehicles were disabled by the crash. The two suspects then tried to escape on foot before being run down by East Providence patrol officers a short distance away, Lt. David said.

The suspects were arrested by East Providence police and taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries in the crash. They were to be arraigned Saturday morning after an investigation that was expected to continue overnight. Charges are expected to be coming from both Barrington and East Providence. 

One Barrington patrol car and two East Providence patrol cars got involved in the chase that reportedly was at least 20 mph over the speed limit. The police officer involved in the crash was not injured. 

bad dog July 12, 2013 at 09:58 PM
just another rossi fundraiser?
JR July 13, 2013 at 07:32 PM
And who do you think drove the tow truck that picked up the robbery suspects car??? It was tow truck tommy rose!!


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