DUI Attorney's License Suspended

A Traffic Tribunal judge has suspended the driver's license of Layne Savage of East Providence, who has been arrested for drunk driving twice in the past year.

An East Providence attorney who specializes in DUI cases has had her driver’s license suspended after being charged with drunk driving for the second time in a year.

Layne Savage’s license was suspended last Thursday, Jan. 24, by a Traffic Tribunal judge, according to the Providence Journal. It is suspended pending the outcome of a hearing next month. 

Savage, 32, was arrested by East Providence police on Jan. 13 after she crashed into a parked car on Warren Avenue with her SUV. She is charged also with refusing the take the Breathalyzer test to determine her blood-alcohol level.

Savage was also charged by Barrington police last March with drunk driving while on her way home to Bristol, where she was living at that time. That charge was dismissed because a judge ruled that the arresting officer did not personally see Savage driving erratically.

The officer had responded to a call from witnesses that reportedly saw her vehicle driving erratically. She was convicted of refusing the test to determine her alcohol level.


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