E.P. Detective, N.K. Cops Bust 'Hooker'

An undercover East Providence detective collaborated with North Kingstown police to arrest and charge a woman for prostitution.

An undercover East Providence police detective worked with North Kingstown police to arrest a North Kingstown woman on charges of prostitution after complaints from neighbors and an online post advertising her services.

The woman, Shumika Gunter, 28, was allegedly prostituting herself out of her apartment. Police became aware of the situation after several “concerned citizens” complained about possible prostitution activity in the area of McConnell Court and Merrill Lane.

Police found an online advertisement for a woman named “Leslie” on Backpage.com in the escort section of the website.

Police were able to cross-reference the phone number in the ad with a previous investigation and determined the number belonged to Gunter. North Kingstown police, in conjunction with the East Providence police vice unit and a South Kingstown officer, worked undercover to make the arrest.

The East Providence detective called Gunter to arrange a meeting, according to police. During the call, monitored by the NKPD, the woman gave her price of $160 an hour for her services and scheduled a meeting for later that afternoon.

When the detective arrived at Gunter’s apartment, she was allegedly not wearing pants.

Once in her bedroom, Gunter asked the detective if he wanted the “full hour” and told him that there was a $100 per half-hour option. When the detective asked her if he got everything for the half hour, she said, “Yes I do everything except for greek.”

The detective gave the code word and officers entered the apartment and arrested Gunter.

At the police station, Gunter allegedly told police, “This is the only illegal thing I do” in regards to the prostitution and that she “has others do her dirty work.”

Additionally, she allegedly told police that she was going to beat this charge anyway and would continue to do what she was doing.

Gunter’s children were at a friend’s house down the road, according to police. Previous information from a source indicates that Gunter has a family member watch her children while she conducts her prostitution activities.

John October 26, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Bet she gets public assistance and food stamps too! Did she use her "Obama Phone" for her illegal activities? They are supposted to be used to help get jobs! Our tax dollars at work. This sould be legalized and it would make it safer and we can tax it and they can even Unionize like Vegas.......More revenue for all!
Rags 1 October 26, 2012 at 12:10 PM
During the Civil War, a yankee general named Hooker used to allow the local girls to follow his army and to camp nearby to keep up the morale of his troops. The girls had the nickname of Hooker's Girls. Eventually prostitutes became known as Hookers and that term became part of the American lexion. Hookers have been around for many centuries and be here for many more; its even legal in many places.
Joe Jones November 11, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Anyone that chooses this for their line of work has a low self esteem...including the John's that participate!!! Maybe the legislator's should make it a "felony" and ALL John's names should be listed publicily...you'd see how quickly the John's would be scared away, lol. Also Backpage should be SHUT DOWN like Craigslist but they won't until someone else dies or it critically hurt.
alexceeia December 20, 2012 at 11:52 AM
what a remark_to make_your bigitory is showing


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