E.P. Teen Charged After Early-Morning Cruise

Two East Providence boys, 17, are pulled over in Barrington early Saturday morning; the traffic stop leads to marijuana possession charge.

Teens cruising around Barrington early in the morning always tend to catch the eyes of patrol officers on the overnight shift. 

Two East Providence boys, both 17, didn’t escape that attention last weekend. One of the boys, who lives in Riverside, now faces a marijuana possession charge. 

A patrol officer spotted a 2004 Hyundai Elantra driving on County Road in Barrington about 2:12 am on Saturday, Feb. 23. He noticed a license-plate light was not working. 

The officer pulled over the vehicle near Newport Creamery on County Road. As he approached the rolled-down window of the car, the officer smelled the distinct odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to the arrest report. 

A search of the boys and the vehicle found a marijuana cigarette in the console ashtray and a couple of small baggies of marijuana in the car.

The Riverside teeh, a passenger in the vehicle, told the police officer that the marijuana was his. That’s how the driver escaped a possession charge. 

Both boys were taken to the police station on Federal Road, where the Riverside teen was charged and given a District Court date before being released to his parents.

The driver received a traffic citation and was sent home.


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