EP Woman Attacks Romantic Rival's Parents

East Providence Police Headquarters are located at 750 Waterman Ave. CREDIT: Bill Rupp
East Providence Police Headquarters are located at 750 Waterman Ave. CREDIT: Bill Rupp
A local woman yelling at her romantic rival's home Nov. 15 told police she decided to take out her frustration on the first people she saw exit the house — who happened to be the other woman's parents.

Jennifer Ann Garrity, 29, of 7 Becker Ave., East Providence was yelling outside the house of a woman she suspected had designs on her boyfriend at 16 Prescott Ave. at about 4:30 p.m. that day when she saw the woman's father walk out to his car, according to a police report.

According to the man's account in the report, the two locked eyes for a moment, then Garrity ran at him, chasing him around the car a few times, throwing a soda bottle at him. The man's wife exited the house and attempted to intervene, but Garrity punched her in the head and kicked her in the groin before the man was able to restrain her.

At about this time, East Providence officers arrived, called to the address by a report of disturbance in progress, and spoke to Garrity, who admitted to the assault.

Garrity told an officer she had arrived at the house to confront the couple's daughter, whom she suspected of dating her boyfriend. When she couldn't speak to the daughter, she said, according to the report, she decided to take her frustrations out on the first people she saw.

Garrity was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault. She is scheduled for a Dec. 10 pre-trial conference in Sixth District Court.



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