Fight With Mom Leads to Assault Charge

An East Providence woman, 21, faces a domestic simple assault charge after a physical confrontation with her mother last Sunday evening.

An East Providence woman, 21, faces domestic simple assault charges after a fight with her mother.

Amanda L. McMahon, of 15 Ridge Drive, allegedly got into a physical altercation with her mother, 37, last Sunday evening, Nov. 4. She was charged by East Providence police because she was described in the arrest report as the "primary aggressor."

An argument over McMahon’s son apparently led to the fight. Police said her mother had blood on her lip and a bump on the forehead. McMahon had scratches on an arm and on her face, police said.

The fight occurred about 10:15 pm. Police responded a few minutes later and arrested McMahon after a brief investigation. She was arraigned at the police station and given a court date.


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