Man, 53, Charged With Kicking Cop During Search

An East Providence man, 53, reportedly assaulted a police officer on Saturday, Oct. 13, during a search after an arrest for domestic vandalism.

An East Providence man, 53, faces a simple assault and battery charge after he allegedly kicked a police officer in the stomach on Saturday evening, Oct. 13, while being searched after an arrest for domestic vandalism and malicious damage to property.

Derek A. Andrade, of 25 Charles St., reportedly was “uncooperative” during a strip-search on Saturday at around 10 pm. He repeatedly tossed articles of clothing at a police officer during the search and made vulgar comments, according to the arrest report.

Andraded ultimately had to be forced to the floor after he kicked the officer. He was injured during the tussle with officers when his head hit the wall.

He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. Neither of the two officers involved in the search required treatment.

Andrade had been brought into the station earlier after reportedly breaking two windows in a car he was sitting in with his girlfriend and pouring beer on the seat, according to the arrest report. Police described him as intoxicated.

Andrade also was wanted on a warrant, according to the arrest report.

Earlier on Saturday evening, a Riverside woman was picked up on several warrants in the Crescent Market on Bullocks Point Avenue, where she ran to avoid a police officer who recognized her, according to the arrest report.

Kayla L. Quinn, 31, of 378 Bullocks Point Ave., faces charges that involve two simple assaults, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, according to the arrest report. She was handcuffed and taken to the police station for holding on the District Court warrants.


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