Man Leaving Bus Stop After Spotting Officer Wanted on Warrants

East Providence Officer David Silva was patrolling on Potter Street Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. when he pulled over to look up a car's plates, noticing two men who took that moment to suddenly walk away from a nearby bus stop.

According to Silva's report, the men immediately turned and started walking away from the bus stop. Silva followed them and asked why they'd suddenly left. The men said they'd just met, and had coincidentally decided to walk to another bus stop, according to the officer's report.

Silva ran their IDs, learning that one, Robert Kenneth Jr. 42, of 78 Sixth St., Apt. 2nd, East Providence, had two warrants for his arrest. One was a Sixth District Court warrant for operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The other was a warrant for larceny, under $1,500. 


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