Man's 'Suspicious' Vehicle Leads to Drug Charge

A Riverside man picked the wrong place to park in Barrington on Saturday evening, Sept. 29.

A Riverside man picked the wrong place to park and now faces a marijuana possession charge.

John J. Sousa, 30, of 15 Worcester Ave., was parked in his truck near Lincoln and Harrison avenues in Barrington at around 10:45 pm on Saturday, Sept. 29. His vehicle appeared "suspicious" to a neighbor.

Two Barrington patrol officers on a DUI patrol responded to the complaint. When the truck pulled away, it was stopped for have several lights not working.

One of the officers smelled the odor of marijuana, according to the Barrington police report. Sousa said the smell was clinging to his clothes from his attendance at a party where marijuana was smoked.

A search of Sousa's vehicle fond a smoking bowl and several ounces of marijuana in a plastic bag. It tested positive for the illegal substance, according to the police report.

Sousa was taken to the police station and places in a cell for about 75 minutes. He was released after being charged with possession of marijuana first offense.



john sousa October 04, 2012 at 09:56 PM
You are a two bit hack who can't get a real job reporting the news so you wright a blog. I am John Sousa and I was not parked I was driving home and I had under 3 grams of marijuana and got stopped for a 3rd brake light out . I was not under the influence while driving or I would have beend charged for it. Instead I was charged with a law that won't even be on the books in 6 months. You should check your facts before you mash you fingers to your keyboard and collect a paycheck..
john sousa October 04, 2012 at 11:28 PM
And 2nd of all Your grammar really leaves something to be desired Mr. Rupp. I would think if you even took the time to proof read your own work you may have caught that , or maybe not. How about a little pride and professionalism, or maybe not.... It's too bad the under qualified seem to have work, yet the overqualified do not.....


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