Men Face Domestic Charges

East Providence police charge men after confrontations with a grandmother and a girlfriend on Sunday, Oct. 7.

An East Providence man and a Providence man face domestic charges after they allegedly got into physical altercations with a grandmother and a girlfriend, respectively, in East Providence on Sunday, Oct. 7.

Aaron S. Horan, 31, of 101 North Broadway, East Providence, has been charged with domestic disorderly conduct, according to East Providence police.

He allegedly pushed his grandmother up against a wall while they argued over a phone charger. The incident occurred at about 12 noon, police said. His grandmother did not want to press charges but police can file domestic charges in RI without the consent of a victim.

Gustavo Calderon, 35, of Chapin Street in Providence, has been charged with domestic simple assault, domestic felony assault and strangulation, domestic vandalism, and domestic refusal to give up a telephone, according to East Providence police.

Calderon allegedly got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend, who live in an apartment on Evergreen Drive. The police report indicates that he grabbed her by the neck and threw her on a couch and strangled her in a bathroom until she gave up her cell phone.

Police said she had locked herself in thea bathroom to get away from Calderon, but he kicked in the door to get to her. The apartment also was described by police as trashed with a door and a picture frame broken.

Police responded to the apartment about 4:46 am.






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