OMG PD: Drunk, Sedated and Spitting on a Nurse

Noteworthy crime stories from across the region.

He won't leave his car for anyone

A Newport man received DUI, simple assault, resisting and vandalism charges this week after he was reportedly  and, later, spit in the face of a nurse in the emergency room.

The man was reportedly pulled over for reckless driving, but rolled up his windows and locked his doors when officers came to speak to him. When a third officer arrived, the man allegedly yelled racial obscenities and threatened that “families were in trouble.” After failed attempts to convince the man to open the door, police got the lockout tool and attempted to open the front passenger side door, while the other officers distracted him at the driver’s side door. An officer reportedly almost unlocked the door, but then the man grabbed the tool and twisted it around the head rest on the passenger’s seat.

After telling police they'd have to break the window to get to him, they did, while pointing a taser at him. The man reportedly opened the door and put his legs out, but refused to go any further. The officers pulled him out of the vehicle and attempted to handcuff him, but he allegedly would not get on the ground. He then kicked an officer during the struggle, and consequently was hit with a Taser in the legs.

Once he was patted down, the man allegedly refused to get up, so police carried him to the cruiser. With a small cut on the left side of his forehead, the man was transported to the Newport Hospital emergency room, where he allegedly remained uncooperative. The police report stated the man spit in the face of a registered nurse and had to be physically restrained. He was eventually sedated by the staff.

Car in ditch and cops have to take keys

An alleged drunk Little Compton man  recently, in which he failed to stop when police turned on their lights and sirens. Reportedly fleeing and nearly striking a mailbox and passing motorists, the driver ended up veering off the road into a ditch. Police again tried to make contact, prompting the driver to attempt to rev the engine to get out of the ditch. The responding officer was forced to open the passenger side door and demand the man turn the car off. He refused, so the officer leaned over and took the keys out of the ignition. Officers noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from the man, and later found pot in his possession. He reportedly refused to take a chemical test.

Drunk woman disobeys police, takes off in car from bar

Third time was not a charm for a . Police were already at the bar responding to a report of a disorderly man when they were approached by a woman who said she had no way to get home. Officers told her to stay and they would call a taxi. As officers arrested the disorderly man, they saw the woman with keys trying to get into a vehicle. They approached and reminded her she was unfit to drive, and she went back inside the bar. Fifteen minutes later police saw her get into a Jeep with keys and leave the bar. She didn't get very far. They followed her and noticed her swerving on the road. Upon pulling the woman over police reportedly noticed her red glossy eyes and slurred speech. She reportedly failed a field sobriety test and was then arrested for DUI.

An unlucky ride

A Cranston woman who reportedly has a stomach tatto that reads "lucky you" was not so lucky in Woonsocket when she was . Police report her Ford Taurus cut in front of a police cruiser, so they looked up the plate number. It came back to a Budget Rental agency at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick and showed that the vehicle was rented last August, but never returned. The company reported the car stolen in December. The driver claimed she was the victim of a relative's carelessness. "My uncle is supposed to be paying for that vehicle," she said.


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