Only on Patch: Insider Stories from CT School

Horror inside the building, grief and heroism everywhere. Only Patch reporters live and work in the local community every day and have new developments from local insiders.

The story of what actually happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary School is beginning to emerge. What is known now is very different from the original scenario described in the media in the first hours.

The gunman, for example, was not "buzzed" into the building, he shot his way in.

Only Patch reporters are the local reporters in the community every day.  This weekend and long after the national news media has packed up and gone home, Patch will remain the best place to turn for local coverage and new developments.

Tuesday Morning's developments in Newtown:

Hundreds Flock to First Funerals

Newtown students begin retruning to school: All except Sandy Hook students who did not have class on Monday. Plans are underway for them to return to a different building.

"Lambs to the Slaughter" A mother whose daughter shares a birthday with one of the young shooting victims takes a stand and raises a political rallying call in a Patch Local Voices Blog.

"We are Newtown" A Sandy Hook resident starts a grass roots bumper sticker campaign, detailed in his Patch Local Voices Blog.

Cops: New School Building will be Safe: Police outline plans for securty for Sandy Hook students when the move to a temporary school building home.

These stories first appeared Monday:

Funeral Services begin today for the victims: It's hard to imagine a sadder week ahead than what faces families and the Newtown CT community.

The School Principal died as she lived:

Victims Remembered: These are some of the personal stories of the children who were murdered in cold blood on Friday.

Video: Music Scholarship to be Created in Memory of Sandy Hook Victim: Six-and-a-half-year-old Ana Grace Marquez-Greene had a love for singing that could be seen even before she could talk.

The President visits: President Obama tells vigil service attendees on Sunday that America is not doing enough to keep its children safe.

Newtown After Obama's Visit: 'My Heart is Hurting More'


The following stories are from Sunday morning:

Motive: Police say they have collected "good evidence" inside the school this weekend. There may be much more coming Sunday on what drove the shooter to go on a rampage.

The scene inside the school: Connecticut's Chief Medical Examiner, a 31 year veteran, goes further than other officials in revealing details of "devestating injuries."  “This probably is the worst I have seen or the worst that I know any of my colleagues having seen”

The victims names are released: Officials in Connecticut release the names and birthdates of those who perished inside Sany Hook Elementary School.

Teddys for Newtown: A young Patch blogger starts a drive to send a symbol of comfort and support to the survivors of those lost in the massacre.

Agonizing wait in locked down high school: The teenage sister of one of the kids who was inside the elementary school was trapped inside her locked down high school awaiting word on her younger brother.

Long time neighbor of the shooting suspect sets up a fund to help victims.

Seeing God in the midst of devestating evil: A Newtown resident shares her perspective on what happened in her hometown.

Patch bloggers offer therapy dogs: The power of community support is resulting in offers for help in many different forms via Patch's Local Voices blog.

Memorial concert and benefit being planned: A Newtown CT Patch Blogger reports plans are underway to create a memorial and to stage a concert to help families of the victims.

Newtown Patch will continue to update the local story throughout the weekend and in the days ahead. Click here for a link to Newtown Patch's news hub on the school shooting.




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