Parking Ban Goes Into Effect

You need to move your car off a city street between 6 pm tonight and noon Sunday, Dec. 30, or face being towed.

A citywide parking ban goes into effect on Saturday at 6 pm and runs until noon on Sunday, Dec. 30, because of the winter storm. East Providence police will enforce the ban on city streets.

You will need to remove your vehicles from city streets or face a $50 citation and a tow.

East Providence does not have any public lots specified for residents to park their cars. But many people use driveways or or park in lots at school grounds and playgrounds.

EP Taxpayer December 30, 2012 at 12:28 AM
The City needs to strictly enforcce these parking there always looking to make money here is your chance. Laws are laws and if people dont move there cars fine them. We need to have tow crews with police officers in the trucks this will only cost the taxpayers the officers overtime pay and one ticket a hour with handle that and everyhting after that is money towards the citys debt. Instead of trucks blowing horns up and down streets and taking a chance on wrecking city vehicles and costing the tapayers more money.


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