Police Determine Murder-Suicide to be Crime of Passion

According to Major Charles Swenson, police are still conducting interviews with family members.

East Providence police are still conducting interviews with family members of , the couple found dead in their Hazard Avenue home last week due to gunshot wounds. But according to Major Charles Swenson, of the East Providence Police Department, the murder-suicide was a crime of pasion that most likely stemmed from an impending divorce.

"As far as a motive, nothing has changed," Major Swenson said, noting the weapons involved in the deaths were accounted for. "They were having marital difficulties."

The couple had two young boys in grade school, according to neighbors and obituary notices. According to Major Swenson, the Rhode Island Department of Children and Families (DCYF) is working to find a permanent home for the children. Family members are included in those discussions.

"We want to make the transitions as peaceful as possible," he said.

East Providence has not been a stranger to domestic homicides. In the '90s, Joseph Dias, a Riverside man killed his wife after questions of infidelity arose. Last Christmas,  was was found dead in her home. Her boyfriend was charged with the murder.

"East Providence police take domestics very seriously," Major Swenson said. "We try to curb domestic violence... A high percentage of homicides are domestic related."

East Providence employs a domestic violence advocate who works to educate families and provide resources such as court counseling and safe houses that are kept anonymous for victims' protection.

Q-L&B November 09, 2011 at 05:03 PM
The problem with trying to leave an abuser is that restraining orders, etc do not work. An abuser who is hell bent on getting to his partner will ignore any legal documents. Seen it happen many times before. The only solution is to get out, and hide out, when you see the signs, otherwise, move to a gun friendly state and you will be able to legally have a weapon to defend yourself and won't go to jail for it either.
Jack November 09, 2011 at 05:14 PM
How sad for their children, the two young boys. Hope it all works out OK for them


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