Police Recover Stolen Car; Woman Charged

East Providence police have charged a Lowell, Mass., woman, 25, with possession of a stolen vehicle and obstruction of justice for lying about her name.

East Providence police recovered a stolen BMW early Monday morning, Feb. 5, while it was parked at a gas pump. A Lowell, Mass., woman now faces several charges.

The vehicle was spotted at the 24-hour Exxon Station on Taunton Avenue at about 2:25 am. A search of the National Crime Information Computer by a patrol officer confirmed that the vehicle was reported stolen.

A second patrol officer responded and they blocked in the vehicle at the gas pumps with their cars. The driver, Jennifer J. Khurdari, 25, claimed that she borrowed the car from a friend after she lied about her real name, according to the arrest report.

Khudari has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and obstruction of justice. A passenger in the vehicle was released after it was determined that he had just met her at a party and reportedly was traveling with her to purchase marijuana.

A search of the vehicle did find a hand-held mirror, a small razor blade and a small baggie filled with a white powder, according to the arrest report. It was tested later and determined to be cocaine. There were no drug charges filed, however. 

The BMW was confiscated and held for return to the owner. Khudari was arraigned and given a court date.


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