Police Use Taser on Woman, 27

An East Providence woman, 27, allegedly assaulting her boyfriend last week was shocked by police officers with a Taser to bring her under control.

East Providence police officers had to use a Taser on an East Providence woman, 27, last Tuesday evening, Feb. 12, to get her under control. She now faces multiple assault charges.

Jazzmin C. Ribeiro, of 16 Ridge Drive, screamed at and kicked patrol officers after they found her on a bed while responding to a report of a domestic assault in progress at around 10:20 pm. The officers said they had to apply a Taser to the rear of her thigh to control and handcuff the woman.

Officers found steak knives scattered around the living room floor and hallway leading to a bedroom when they arrived, according to the arrest report. She kicked one police officer in the chest several times and attempted to bite the forearm of another police officer trying to control her.

The woman also reportedly screamed racial slurs and spit at the officers several times. They applied a mask known as a “spit hood” to protect themselves. She reportedly continued to spit at them after the mask was applied.

The police officers were finally able to control Ribeiro for transport to the police station after using the Taser, according to the report. But at the police station, she reportedly tried to bang her head against a concrete wall.

Ribeiro was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment to injuries from the scuffle and the Taser “burn.”

Police have charged Ribeiro with domestic assault with a deadly weapon – the steak knives; three counts of simple assault or battery against the police officers, and resisting arrest. The victim of the domestic assault reportedly was her boyfriend, according to police.


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