Which NK Roads Need Sidewalks?

What roads in North Kingstown are most dangerous for pedestrians?


Discussions of safety on Annaquatucket Road have sparked on one of our articles following the death of a North Kingstown woman this week. A 41-year-old woman died after her car left the road and struck a tree stump.

From Facebook to our commments' section here on the site, residents have sounded off on the dangers of the much-used road – from speeding cars to the number of pedestrians who use the road. As one user pointed out, the North Kingstown High School track team uses the road for practice after school sometimes. 

"I used to live on Annaquatucket Road down by the HS, and always thought that it was a dangeorus road to start with," said Patty Cole-Salisbury in one of her comments. "It is narrow and hard to navigate especially if you're speeding."

"There is SO much foot traffic here, at all times day and night," said DKC9 in another comment. "It is so dangerous and I would hate for an incident to happen before we take action."

As a former NKHS student who used to walk up Annaquatucket Road to get my caffeine fix at Jitters, I can attest that this road is no picnic for pedestrians. Take out the crazy driving antics of the hundreds of teenagers who drive up that road to class, it's still a difficult road to maneuver for pedestrians and drivers alike. 

But, Annaquatucket Road is not the only roadway in North Kingstown with similar problems. Residents have often called for improvements to Stony Lane, Old Baptist Road, parts of Route 1 and countless others.

Which North Kingstown roads are the most dangerous? What roads need sidewalks?

Sound off in the comments below. 

Rachel November 25, 2012 at 02:58 PM
A bike trail to connect from Wickford to the trail in Quonset. It would be nice to safely take my bike up to the Y. People don't realize that bikes have the right to take up a lane and not just ride in the gutter. I have been nearly killed making a left turn on roads as small as that leading to the NK beach.
Launa November 27, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Please add West Allenton Rd. to the list.
Resident NK November 27, 2012 at 09:46 PM
The road in of itself is not unsafe, it is the manner in which people drive on the road that is the problem. All the guard rails in the world, all the signage in the worls, and all the reflectoras in the world will not stop a person from getting behind the wheel and speeding down Annaquatucket. This is not the first crash I have seen on this road, and probably will not be the last. Please do not include I in your consensus that somwthing must be done as no change to the road will help prevent carelessness behind the wheel.
Eric Schaper December 07, 2012 at 01:42 AM
To Resident NK... You're right, signage and guard rails won't stop speeding but they may help save a life. Should the penanty for driving to fast on a snow covered road, for example, be death or serious injury? Over the past 14 years I have witnessed the aftermath of at least five serious accidents on the corner toward the west end of Annaquatucket rd., and I can tell you this, I'm all set with witnessing another. Guard rails would have stopped all but one of these cars from going off into the woods and hitting trees. So your position of let's do nothing is, well...weak. How about we try to save a life, who knows, that life could be yours.
christina January 17, 2013 at 11:02 PM
I hope we can get some new roads, bicycling is becoming a seemingly dangerous sport! i hope by the time i receive our new stuff from 2wheelbikes dot com we can have new roads and sidewalks!


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