Attleboro and Seekonk Election Results 2012

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LIVE 2012 Attleboro ELECTION RESULTS (Look for Seekonk results Wednesday morning)

       Race       Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results 3rd Party Candidate Results U.S. President


10,369 Romney-Ryan 8,406 Johnson-Gray, Stein-Honkala J-G, 260; S-H, 93 U.S. Senate

Elizabeth Warren

8,708 Scott Brown 10,397 U.S. Congress District 4

Joe Kennedy III

11,410 Sean Bielat 6,683 David A. Rosa 725 MA Senate DISTRICT Bristol and Norfolk James Timilty 6,119 Jeff Bailey 3,975
MA House DISTRICT 2nd Bristol
Paul Heroux 9,568 George Ross 6,927
Governor's Council 2nd District Robert J. Jubinville 9,354 Earl H. Sholley 7,194 Bristol County Commission Paul B. Kitchen 8,072 John R. Mitchell (also a Democrat) 7,333 Paul J. Levasseur 6,122 Answer Results Answer Results Question 1: 'Right to Repair' Yes 14,364 No 2,327 Question 2: Prescription of Life-Ending Medication Yes 8,469 No 9,696 Question 3: Medical Marijuana Yes 11,578 No 6,455

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Scott Brown (R), Elizabeth Warren (D): U.S. Senate

Scott Brown has represented Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate since winning a January 2010 special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard Law School Professor and this is her first run for a political office.

Joe Kennedy III (D), Sean Bielat (R), David A. Rosa (I): 4th Congressional District (Attleboro and Seekonk)

These candidats are running for the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Barney Frank. Kennedy is a former Middlesex County assistant district attorney. Sean Bielat is a major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and the CEO of an Internet startup company. He ran against Frank for this seat in 2010, losing by 10 points, which was the closest race for the incumbent since his first election in 1980. David A. Rosa is no longer an active candidate, but his name remains on the ballot because he withdraw from the race past the deadline.

Paul Heroux (D), George Ross (R): Mass. House 2nd Bristol District (Attleboro)

Candidate George Ross has been the state House representative for the district that includes all of Attleboro except Ward 3B for one term. He defeated former Rep. Bill Bowles in 2010, two years after Bowles had defeated him in a contest for the seat. Heroux grew up in Attleboro and is a public policy and administration consultant. He has held various government and private business jobs.

A. Keith Carreiro (D), Steven Howitt (R): Mass. House 4th Bristol District (Seekonk)

Candidate Steven Howitt has been the state representative for the district that includes Seekonk and several other communities for one term. He won the seat in 2010 on his third attempt when he defeated two-term Rep. Steven D'Amico. Carreiro Howitt is a third-generation Seekonk resident and former town selectman. Carreiro, a third-generation Swansea resident, sits on the town's school committee. He is a teacher.

James Timilty (D), Jeff Bailey (R): Mass. Senate Bristol & Norfolk District (Attleboro and Seekonk)

Candidate James Timilty, a resident of Walpole, has been in office since he was first elected to the seat in 2004. His father, grandfather and several other family members were elected political officials. Bailey has been the senior pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Attleboro for 23 years and founded the church's K-12 school. This is his first run for a political office.

Go to the bottom of the page to read about other races in Attleboro and Seekonk, both contested and uncontested.

Updates From The Polls

5:10 p.m. Both George Ross and Paul Heroux are at La Salette Shrine holding signs and waving at voters. Ross spoke with Patch this morning. Scroll down to see his comments. Heroux spoke with us within the past few minutes. He said Election Day has been a "nice close to the election season."

"It has been great to see a lot of the people whose doors I knocked on coming through and waving," Heroux said. 

When asked if he thinks he will win, Heroux said he didn't know. 

"This is going to be a close race," Heroux said. I wish I had a crystal ball because then I could relax a little bit. If George wins, I can see why he would have won because he's been around for a long time and is entrenched in this city, and a lot of people like him. If I win, then that's what the voters decided."

3:40 p.m. Maryann Draine, office manager of the Attleboro Election's Department, told Patch that voter turnout is 38 percent as of 3 p.m. Turnout was 71 percent for the last presidential election in 2008. Draine said it is hard to determine whether the city is on pace to meet or exceed that amount because people vote at different times. There are 27,288 registered voters in Attleboro.

2:10 p.m. More than 1,500 people have voted at the Knights of Columbus on Highland Avenue in Attleboro's Ward 2, according to the latest tally numbers. Cindy, a poll worker, said, "It's been pretty steady all day. It was crowded this morning with a line out the door and we expect the number to pick up in the evening.

12:35 p.m. It will be several hours until we know who wins the 4th congressional district battle between Sean Bielat and Joe Kennedy III, but Bielat is not getting any votes from the knitting club at the Seekonk Public Library.

"That Bielat, too many calls, I had to take my phone off the hook," said one club member who was not using her indoor voice. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't vote for him after that."

Other members agreed with her.

12:20 p.m. The predicted chaos by some people was not visible at Seekonk High School, the town's lone voting station. Town Clerk Jan Parker told Patch the situation was "great" and "well-organized." She said the collaboration of her office and the school, public works and police departments made for a positive experience. 

Parker said even when it was busy, people have not had to wait in line for more than a couple minutes.

"We had a line at 6:30 because we didn't open until 7, but we got those people in and out," Parker said. "People are not waiting. We have plenty of booths, which was supposedly an issue and hasn't been an issue."

She continued, "We have plenty of parking. It's not an issue. The weather has been good, so people don't seem to mind walking."

After they cast their ballots, Seekonk voters are greeted by a number of people as the move through an angled hallway toward the exit. Library officials are conducting a survey about what services residents are looking for and various other questions. The Seekonk High scholarship fund is holding a bake sale and the Save A Pet Society is selling items for a fundraiser.

11:20 a.m. A well-sized, but manageable group is voting at Elk's Lodge in Ward 6. More than 1,000 people had voted as of 11 a.m., according to the posted poll tally. A poll worker told Patch that just an hour earlier the line was going out the front door. "Busy, busy, busy," he said about the day so far.

10:40 a.m. State Rep. George Ross was waving to voters driving entering the parking lot at La Salette. He told Patch he is feeling confident.

"I've had a lot of support, a lot of good calls, a lot of beeps from cars, a lot of waves," Ross said. "I just hope they're more than friendly. I hope they vote."

Ross said he has a full roster of people helping his campaign today, including four or five supporters stationed at each polling place in the city as well as people making phone calls. He plans to go to each polling station today, including Good News Bible Chapel in Ward 2, where he still needs to vote! 

10 a.m. A steady stream of people are voting at La Salette Shrine, the only station where residents of two wards (4 and 5) are assigned. Those driving into the parking lot meet a large number of people holding signs for various candidates. Among the sign holders is Ward 5 City Councilor Jeremy Denlea (holding an Elizabeth Warren/Joe Kennedy III combo sign) and City Council Vice President Peter Blais (holding a James Timilty sign). 

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Other Races

State Rep. 14th Bristol District Republican incumbent Betty Poirier faces no challenger; State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Republican incumbent Richard Ross faces no challenger; Governor's Council, 2nd District Democrat Robert J. Jubinville and Republican Earl H. Sholley compete for an open seat; Bristol County Commission Incumbents Paul B. Kitchen and John R. Mitchell and challenger Paul J. Levasseur compete for two seats; Bristol Superior Court Clerk Democratic incumbent Mark J. Santos faces no challenger; Register of Deeds, Northern Bristol County Democratic incumbent Barry J. Amaral of Taunton faces no challenger; Bristol County Treasurer Democratic incumbent Chirstopher J. Saunders faces no challenger

CGB November 07, 2012 at 03:23 AM
No results reported here except Heroux-Ross race. Go to Sun-Chronicle site for results.
Chris November 07, 2012 at 10:03 PM
I went around 12:30pm, no lines, no waiting. I knew where I had to go from my previous years of voting. I knew the questions before going as well. Kudos to the people who volunteered their time & are there for every election that the Town of Seekonk has. Paul if your not happy on how things were running, then you should have volunteered your time, perhaps after work. Obviously, if you were the first few people there before the polls officially open, then you should have expected a line. As of now, it's not required for us to provide our ID's, perhaps in the future, but I assure you, if that does happen, then expect the long lines.
paul November 08, 2012 at 02:31 PM
I'm not old enough to volunteer, one has to be 80+ to work the polls.
deb of see-attleboro November 08, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Chris: Do you vote in every elections? I expect to wait in line every 4 years. I did not mind going to the high school yesterday. It is the local election turnout that has been affected by the single location at the high school. After the attempted override of 2006 and the historic election of 2008, I believe we had momentum favoring election participation. That momentum was halted with the change to a single location. And maybe that was by design. There was a time I could play a part in getting out the vote for these town ballot questions and elections. And it is the 60% of Seekonk's voters who throw away their vote during local elections that have put the town in what my opinion is a very precarious position. Next time we have a prop 2 1/2 overide question, I would not be surprised if it passed. And maybe that is why we have one polling location. Time will tell.
Emcee of Seekonk November 08, 2012 at 03:17 PM
There was a safety valve, and I used it, that is: the absentee ballot. The day I went, I was the only one, so it was great: no lines, easy at-the-door parking. Now, I'm guessing if more people used the absentee ballot route, and town hall started to get jammed up with folks using this safety valve, the economy of one polling place might be given a second look at. I think there is a clear need for a polling place in the south end of town.


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