Council Rejects Change to 'Root' Ordinance

The East Providence City Council votes 4-0 to squash a change to an ordinance that would eliminated the city's liability for a sewer line blockage.

An amended ordinance on tree “roots” in East Providence that the previous city council introduced died a quick death on Tuesday night, Dec. 18, in front of the new city council. 

The amended ordinance sought to strike the city’s responsibility for city-owned trees that cause blockages in sewer lines to homes.

The city still would have assumed responsibility for repairs of a broken or cracked sewer lateral between the curb line and the sewer main – just not for blockages.

Several of the city councilors, including Chrissy Rossi and Tracy Capobianco, seemed aghast that the city would not take responsibility for any type of damage caused by a city-owned tree.

Rossi made the motion to kill the amended ordinance; Capobianco seconded the motion. The vote was 4-0 with City Councilor Helder Cunha absent from the meeting.

SL December 21, 2012 at 12:09 AM
May I say I am not happy so far with the representation we have in Ward 2. Mr. Cunha contributed nothing the first meeting and was absent the second. Please help me understand why he ran for the seat. If you don't have the time due to work,personal life etc. It is o.k. than this was the wrong time for you to take office......if you continue to bring nothing please with draw your seat,people in this ward deseve better.


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