Budget Commission Approves Waste Water Rate Increase

The increase in water rates is necessary to fund a facilities upgrade managed by United Water.

East Providence Budget Commission formally adopted waste water increases during an April 26 meeting, according to a report from East Bay Newspapers.

Starting in November, the water consumption portion of the sewer charge will be at a rate of $7.78 per 100 cubic feet of water, reads the proposed ordinance. That rate will increase over ten percent for the next three years.

Through fiscal year 2015, the annual fixed charge will be $60 per meter 5/8 inch in size, typical of most residential households. Facilities with one-inch pipes, like large restaurants, pay $150 in annual fees.

The increase in water rates is  managed by United Water. The city has a contractual obligation to complete the project or face legal liabilities.

The increase, along with a $3 million bridge loan, will allow the project to remain on track.

In a public hearing meeting held weeks ago, resident Jack Fahey asked whether the rate structure accounted for the cost it takes to process waste water from industrial facilities. After a discussion, it's anticipated a study will be conducted to assess rates that differentiate between residential, commercial and industrial properties. This stipulation will be included in the ordinance. City council members would then have the option to change the rate structure depending on results.

Click here to read the budget commission's public presentation regarding the background and studies regarding the waste water increase.

Jack April 27, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Welcome to O'Keefe's budget commission... Water rates go up, 2 libraries close, but schools, police and fire keep rolling in the dough
Doubting Thomas May 16, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Let's see...the Sh*t tax, thats right, they even tax your sh*t, is going up, a tax increase. The homestead exemption is being taken away, another tax increase. The property tax is going up, another tax increase. The water rate is going up..any way you dress it up and spray perfume on it for the typical uniformed EP voter, this is ANOTHER TAX INCREASE. Yet according to GolocalProv, EP got MILLIONS from the 0-bamma stimulus money and the city is still financially strapped and our elected officials remain inept, corrupt or both.


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