Lots of Lawyers Bid for E.P. Services

An RFP for professional legal services for East Providence draws interest from more than 10 law firms.

More than 10 law firms are interested in providing legal services to East Providence.

City Manager Peter Graczykowski said a request for proposals drew interest from a significant number of firms. As a result, a Legal Services RFP Evaluation Committee will be set up to recommend a potential award. 

Graczykowski asked the East Providence Budget Commission last week to form an evaluation committee. It will include members of the commission, the City Council, the School Committee and other city and school administrators.

Deadline for the RFP was Dec. 7, the city manager said.

Each response will be “tabulated by the purchasing division as to minimum qualification criteria and eligibility for further evaluation” by the committee, Graczykowski said.

In the meantime, attorney Timothy Chapman will represent the city as a provisional appointment, the city manager said. Chapman was named solicitor earlier this month at the inaugural ceremony for all elected and appointed city officials.

Rags 1 December 17, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Outsourcing legal services is going to be very expensive. Everytime you pick up the phone, the cost begins. Even with a strict contract and all the loops filled, it will prove to not be cost effective. Get a full time City Atty, pay the benefits, and have him/her available for legal issues. I think you will find it cheaper even at the times you make a decision to outsource a suit which should be rare indeed.


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