Poll: Will an Under-21 Ban Work?

A state legislator's bill to ban people under 21 years of age from entering alcohol-serving nightclubs is up for a hearing tonight — do you think it will work?

Saying that allowing people under age 21 to go to nightclubs that serve alcohol is "a breeding ground for trouble," State Rep. Joy Hearn (D-Barrington, East Providence) has introduced a bill to stop the practice.

Hearn's bill is scheduled for a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon.

"I’ve introduced this bill before, but never has this been a more critical problem than it is today with all of the violence happening at our nightclubs," Hearn said in a press release.

Hearn noted the recent violence at a downtown Providence clubs, including an early-morning riot outside Level 2 reported on Easter Sunday by WPRI.com.

"The legal drinking age is 21 because that is an age when individuals are generally mature enough to handle the responsibility of alcohol," she said. "When you have underage individuals in an environment where there is alcohol being served, it’s just a breeding ground for trouble."

What do you think?

Is the ban on under-21 customers a good idea?

And, more importantly, will it work?

Do you think a state law will stop bars and nightclubs from allowing people under 21 years of age from entering?

Take our poll, and add your comments below.


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