Snow Blows into East Providence

Snow began falling about 3:30 p.m. in East Providence, light and wispy, in strong flurries that were slowly accumulating on the street and lingering on windshields. 

Afternoon and evening activities, including the evening's scheduled City Council meeting, were canceled by about 4 p.m., and a parking ban was put in place at 3 p.m., effective until further notice. Any cars parked on the street, given a reasonable grace period, will be ticketed and towed to make way for plows.

Along Taunton Avenue near City Hall, a few pedestrians were making their way east and west along lines of snow-dusted cars on a slowly whitening road.

Paul Airozo, a purchasing director for the Mass. Maritime Academy, an East Providence resident, was making his way to pick up his car and head home, where he'll be spending the duration of the storm tonight and tomorrow. "I know I'm not going to work tomorrow," he said, because they'd just called him to tell him not to come in due to the snow. 

Airozzo will be in good company tomorrow, if a growing list of afternoon and Wednesday cancelations is any indication.


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