Legislators Propose Quonset Casino [Poll]

Rep. John Carnevale and Rep. Joseph Trillo are proposing a casino at Quonset Point.

Quonset Point hosts one of the largest defense contractors in the country and the second largest auto importer, but it may become home to a new casino.

The Associated Press is reporting that Rep. John Carnevale (D-Providence) and Rep. Joseph Trillo (R-Warwick) are drafting a proposal to build a casino at the former naval base in North Kingstown, looking to boost the state's economy and create a tourist attraction. According to Carnevale, Quonset's nearby highways, an airport and a deep-water port able to accommodate cruise ships make it a favorable location.

Carnevale and Trillo are now finalizing the details of their plan. The proposal comes amidst the casino debate in Massachusetts, after the state authorized up to three casinos and a slot parlor. Rhode Island leaders are now looking at various gambling proposals.

Brianna Slots April 02, 2012 at 06:05 AM
I think seeing how online slots are gaining popularity and that even Massachusetes has their own slots parlour, the politicians are feeling the urge to have a casino for their own. Perhaps relying on the defence contractor there to provide most of the jobs in the area is not what they want. Brandon - http://www.doubledowncasino.com
Sharkin April 02, 2012 at 07:48 AM
a live casino would be sick. so many yummy poker fish, nom nom nom gimme all your money
Brianna Slots April 12, 2012 at 08:30 AM
If the casino is built into the existing naval base infrastructure, that itself could be a draw. It might become a themed casino with matching resorts. Whether its the slots machine or poker tables, maybe they could use a naval ship theme to draw in the crowd. Brandon - http://www.doubledowncasino.com
Jack Baillargeron April 12, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Lets see how the pessimist must look at this ;-}. 1. There will be lawsuits by the Narragansett’s over a Casino, probably a Federal Discrimination suit and with civil rights and a few others things I am sure. 2. There will be lawsuits by numerous environmentalist groups no doubt. 3. There will be lawsuits by anti-gambling groups of course. 4. Cruise ship traffic will also become a problem with the Save the bay folks, so law suit there. 5. Many other special interest lawsuits no doubt. 6. Newport considering the run down hi lai to be a full casino. 7. Then the Twin Rivers to be a full casino. 8. Then MA casino’s. 9. Anyone really think your going to make money off this. (Think Lottery lowering taxes and funding Education to relive property owners) Anyone ever see that? 10. Perhaps The monetary CT problems over the years and especially now, with the Casio in fiscal distress, because of bad management and the economic downturn that will not be over anytime soon in RI.(last estimate I heard was 2027). 11. Tax breaks to the tune of 100’s of millions of dollars, that will never be paid back, at the least take 100 years to break even, that of course means the taxpayers take up the slack until the state gets in the black, in a 100 years. 12. Increase in jobs for Gambling addiction councilors, (guess that’s a plus for them) not so much for the ones that are broke. 13. Probably many here can think of pages more lol.
Brianna Slots May 03, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Where can I get updates to the situation with the proposed Quonset casino? I need to know if they will be going ahead with the building of the new casino, and whether I should be making vacation plans in the years ahead to visit there. It might be interesting to see what they can do to revive businesses over there. - http://www.doubledowncasino.com


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