Another Stop Sign Planned for Wilson Avenue

Due to traffic concerns created by the 10 Mile Bridge detour, a new stop sign will be erected.

East Providence Council members agreed to install a new stop sign at the corner of Wilson and Bourne avenues on Tuesday night in . The road has experienced an increase in traffic since the Ten Mile Bridge was shut down by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (DOT).

Jeffrey West, resident of 25 Wilson Ave., took the podium. He said the area did not need a third stop sign within a .7 mile radius. He said another stop sign might create traffic jams.

Department of Public Works Director Steve Coutu said the stop signs could alleviate some of the traffic concerns after a resident said he was concerned for school children crossing the busy street.

"It could help the situation," he said.

Police Chief Joseph Tavares said he would consider enforcing the speed limit currently listed at 25 mph.

Council members approved the installation in a 4-1 vote. Mayor Bruce Rogers voted against the new stop sign.

NaDene Reed March 08, 2012 at 10:57 AM
Well seeing how I've almost been hit about a dozen times turning left onto Bourne due to people not knowing there is NO stop sign for the people coming up the hill, it might be a good idea!


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