Tiverton Officials Say Stafford Pond In Danger of Contamination

Stafford Pond, one of Tiverton's drinking water resources, is under threat of pollution from hazardous activities allowed there by the state.


Stafford Pond, one of Tiverton's drinking water sources, could be in danger of contamination from fishing tournaments and seaplane landings that the state allows there, according to Tiverton officials.

On Wednesday night, the Tiverton Conservation Commission held a workshop on drinking water protection at Stafford Pond to determine threats and configure a plan to take action, the Providence Journal and The Newport Daily News report.

The commission's chairman, Thomas Ramotowski, is concerned that gasoline and oil from the state-sponsored fishing competitions could pollute the pond's waters. In a past Planning Board meeting, Ramotowski said gasoline and oil cannot be properly filtered during the purification process. Invasive species entering the pond as boats are introduced is another concern.

The state Department of Environmental Management stocks the pond with fish and allows activities like the fishing tournaments that are not allowed on other drinking water sources. According to Ramotowski, the pond is also a allocated as an official seaplane landing zone by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The hazardous activities Stafford Pond recently became of interest when Site-Ready Materials proposed constructing a potion of its expansion project within the protected watershed area of the pond.

John Candelmo March 01, 2013 at 10:27 PM
I deleted my comment because I misread yours. But it is not just your pond it is our pond meaning everyone in the state of Rhode Island. I have said it on other posts let no one use an outboard. No one! And you will not get the opposition that you are going to get with the attitude that just the home owners can but no one else. I would also direct you to read this when DEM basically told the town that if they did restrict outboards for every one they would revisit the ramp issue. http://www.dem.ri.gov/news/2002/pr/0405021.htm I am sure that the upcoming meetings should be interesting to say the least.
John Candelmo March 01, 2013 at 11:09 PM
any lake that the residents can use an outboard without a horse power restriction we can use our outboards when there is a permited tournament if the lake has a state ramp if there is a town restriction such as the use of outboard is restriced then we can not but no one can. Are you aginest not allowing anyone to use out boards? I will also say when I fish stafford I never start my outboard when I am in a tournament there I may start it and go to my next spot. out of an 8 hour day my outboard will not run more than 15 minutes. Again until you use a real name I will not reply to another post of yours.


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