VIDEO: Mayors to Halt Rescues to Capital City

A June 28 press conference announced three commmunities, including East Providence, will stop sending rescues to Providence after Aug. 28.

Mayors of three communities that border Providence — and collectively provided some 1,500 rescue runs to the city in 2011 — announced today that they will halt such service as of Aug. 28.

Joseph Polisena of Johnston, Bruce Rogers of East Providence, and Charles Lombardi of North Providence spoke at a press conference at the this afternoon.

After requesting a $500-per-run reimbursement and getting no response from Providence officials, the three mayors said today that they were frustrated and hoped that the city would address its own rescue needs — though Polisena suggested that Providence would lean more heavily on other communities, like Cranston, for mutual aid.

The accompanying video (running time: 2:21) shows clips from the announcement today, incuding feedback from all three executives.

Townie Embarassed July 05, 2012 at 11:56 PM
He's not a real Mayor! To be "elected "Mayor" Bruce Rogers needed four vote. Yes thats right FOUR votes. (and two of them were his!). He ran unopposed for his buddy Coogans seat when Coogan pulled his papers and Rogers submitted his papers FIVE MINUTES before the deadline. (It's public record). Therefore Rogers only needed to vote for himself to win a seat on the Council. VOTE NUMBER 1. THEN,,, He only needed three votes to be elected "Mayor" by the majority of the council. Katie would vote whatever way Brian told her to, After all he owned the BIG sign truck that plastered her beauty queen picture all over town (particularly in, but not limited to, Rumford), VOTE # 2. Then he had Tommy Tow Truck's vote in his pocket from the get go. (not that Tommy has benefitted in any way from driving for a company on the City Tow list ) see Sec. 13-6. of the City Charter - Officers or employees not to be financially interested in city contracts. VOTE #3. Then lastly he only needed to vote for himself AGAIN!!! to be "elected" Mayor. VOTE #4. Wake up Townies, This clown has already cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is as corrupt as the knuckle dragger for whom he was campaign manager (the COOG). Those who sleep with dogs get fleas Brucie!
lady blyth July 07, 2012 at 04:06 AM


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