Bay View Crew Takes on Head of Charles

St. Mary Bay View Academy in Riverside placed 27th of 74 at the Boston-area race.

The Bengal crew of St. Mary Academy – Bay View made certain that its return trip to the Head of the Charles would make a lasting impression. Competing among 74 other eight-oared crews from throughout the United States and Canada, Bay View placed 27th with a time of 18:38.88, according to a press release issued by the school.

Even though they were quite a ways behind the winners Oakland Strokes, Inc. from California, Bay View placed in the upper third of their field, which guarantees their entry for 2012.

“The start went well and we settled into a 32 stroke rating. At about halfway through we pushed ourselves up to a group of three boats consisting of Boston Latin, Saugatuck and Montclair Rowing Club. We were able to row through Boston Latin and Saugatuck within a minute but Montclair put up a fight and stuck with us up until the Elliot Bridge and finally we were able to pull ahead of them. After we made it out of the Elliot we noticed a boat coming up behind us, at first they were pushing through us but Bay View would not give up and we ended up finishing about a seat ahead of them. It turns out that that boat was Waikato Rowing Club from New Zealand and they finished in sixth place," Coxswain Nicole Karwashan said.


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