Protests Planned for City Government Meetings

Students are orchestrating public demonstrations, according to Facebook pages dedicated to keeping sports in East Providence schools.

Community members dedicated to keeping sports in East Providence schools have used online media as a speakerbox to mobilize their grassroots movement.

According to a student-run event page on Facebook called "Get Back EP Middle School Sports!" students are planning to protest this Tuesday's city council meeting and Thursday's budget commission meeting.

During last Thursday's commission meeting, members in  council chambers.

"Wear your colors, bring ur signs, and everything like last Thurs," reads the page.

And on Wednesday, there's a meeting with professional at the "Little Red School House" on Sprague Avenue in Riverside at 5:30 p.m., according to the page.

On the Supporters of East Providence Middle School Athletics, organizers urge the public to write to their local state representatives.

Jessica Beauchaine posted her letter to Rep. Helio Melo, chairman of the House Committee of Finance.

"Help me understand what to tell my son when he can't run track next year or the year after or the year after that. Help me to understand, when does this village come together help raise our children," reads the post.


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