True or Not, Del's & 'Gansett Shandy Big Hit

OK, it may not be a real can if you read the fine print on @petemfboyd's Instagram post, but that didn't stop social media from offering it's complete seal of approval for his Del's lemonade and Narragansett beer shandy.

Even politicians were moved by the seemingly perfect Rhode Island union. U.S. Sen. Jack Reed (OK maybe someone on his staff) had this to say on Twitter: 

Cheers to
#RI classics joining forces @Gansettbeer @DelsLemonade! MT @PeteMFBoyd Not an actual can, but get excited… http://instagram.com/p/k4rltijqnW/ 

And @RhodyBuzz, the nightlife guide, shared the news with a sentiment we can all get behind: "Can. Not. Wait. For. Summer!!!!"

So while we reach out to company officials for the real deal, here's to dreaming of a hot summer day, Del's frozen lemonade and an ice cold Narragansett beer. 

Preferably all at once.


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